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Sibel Deniz Toledo Falay

Sibel Deniz Toledo Falay

EMDR Level 2 Practitioner (EU)

PTSD (trauma)
Birth Psychology
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Rumeli University

Clinical Psychology / Graduate

Bogazici University

Psychology / Undergraduate

EMDR Certificate

Institute of Behavioral Sciences (DBE)

Clinical Psychologist Sibel Deniz Falay has received 2 years of Gestalt Therapy training. She is currently receiving Psychodrama Training at the Istanbul Psychodrama Institute, where she has completed her Individual Psychodrama training.

She works with adults and offers online therapy services in both English and Turkish. She has worked with the elderly and their families in a private nursing home for 3 years, providing psychological support to families about life with elderly parents.

Her special interests and areas of work include Birth Psychology and Birth Coaching, also known as Doula services. She has completed a 9-month training at the Istanbul Birth Academy to become a Birth Preparation Trainer, Doula, and Birth Psychologist. She also qualified to receive Hypnobirthing training from Sherry Gilbert, becoming a Hypnobirthing Practitioner. She holds memberships in several associations such as EMDR Association, Hand in Hand Association for Birth and International Society for Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine. She primarily uses EMDR, Individual Psychodrama, and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) in her sessions with clients.

PTSD (trauma)
Parent/Family Issues
Birth Coaching
Panic Disorder

Areas of Expertise

  • Aia Constellation Consulting

Family, Trauma, and Intention

Constellation Program | (October 2021- May 2023)

  • Sexual Health Institute Association

Emotion-Focused Psychotherapy


(20 hours) | 2020

  • Sexual Health Institute Association

Emotional Schema Therapy Education

(20 hours) | 2020

  • Sexual Health Institute Association

Advanced Sexual Therapy Training (20

hours) | 2020

  • EMDR Association

EMDR Therapy Workshop in Migraine

and Fibromyalgia Treatment (1 day 6

hours) | 2018

  • DBE Behavior Sciences Institute

EMDR Level 2 Training (4 days+2 days

Supervision)| 2017

  • Istanbul Birth Academy

Advanced Doula Training (2 days) |


  • Istanbul Birth Academy

Basic Hypnosis and EFT Training in

Birth (12 hours) |2017

  • DBE Behavior Sciences Institute

EMDR Level 1 Training (4 days+2 days

Supervision)| 2016

  • Hypnobirthing Institute

Certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner (1

day) | 2015

  • Istanbul Psychodrama Institute

Psychodrama Training (Co-Therapist)

| 2015

  • Istanbul Birth Academy

Birth Preparation Educator Doula and

Birth Psychologist Training

(9 months – 200 hours) | 2012

  • Janet Balaskas

Active Birth Education (18 hours) | 2012

  • Dr. Ender (Uzundemir) Carpenter

Basic Portage Training (12 hours) |


  • Dr. Emel Stroup, ABPP, ACT

Training on Application of Cognitive

Therapy in Obsessive Compulsive

Disorder (12 hours) | 2009

  • Dr Başak Demiriz

Supervision (30 hours) | 2009

  • Heidi G. Kadsuon, Ph. D.

Play Therapy Seminars-1 (15 hours) |


  • Dr Emel Stroup, ABPP, ACT

Training on Application of Cognitive

Therapy in Anxiety Disorders (9 hours)

| 2008

Trainings and Conferences

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