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Sena Nur Erol

Sena Nur Erol

EMDR Level 2 Practitioner (EU)

PTSD (trauma)
Eating Disorders
Panic Disorder
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Istanbul Kent University

Clinical Psychology / Graduate

Uskudar University

Psychology / Undergraduate

EMDR Certificate

Institute of Behavioral Sciences (DBE)

Sena Nur finished her undergraduate degree with honors in 2018. She went to many congresses and trainings throughout her educational life. After graduating from her undergraduate degree, she worked with young people in some voluntary projects for a year and traveled to many countries. When she returned to Turkey; she received training on mindfulness, sexual therapy, addiction and trauma. In her clinical master's degree, she received training and supervision from Prof.Dr.Mehmet Sungur. At the same time, she started working as an assistant psychologist in a private hospital. After working with diseases such as heroin addiction, anxiety, depression, bipolar and borderline, she worked with eating disorders for around six months. She currently offers online sessions in EMDR and mindfulness and provides sessions in English and Turkish. She holds various skills including treatment planning, psychological interventions, psychological therapy treatments, anxiety and trauma therapy, analytical and critical thinking, intake assessment, psychometric testing and evaluation, emotional awareness, progress documentation, medical records maintenance, breathing techniques and individual and group therapy.

PTSD (trauma)
Eating Disorders
Loss & Grief
Acute Stress Disorder
Relationship Issues
Panic Disorder

Areas of Expertise

  • EMDR, DBE - Feb,2021

  • EMDR, Ay Institute - Oct, 2022

  • EMDR Flash Training

  • EMDR G-TEP Training

  • EMDR R-TEP Training

  • EMDR Therapy for All and the Voice of Two Hands Protocol: From Inner Conflict to Peace with

  • Yourself with EMDR Therapy- Udi Oren ( 7 April 2022)

  • Mindfulness Modern Training Programme – Mindfulness Academy/ Mindfulness Alliance

  • CETAD - Basic Education on Sexuality and Sexual Dysfunctions 1 (8-10 November 2019)

  • CETAD – Basic Education on Sexuality and Sexual Dysfunctions 2 (13-15 December 2019)

  • The Awake Network – Mindful Living Summit (March, 19-22, 2020)

  • Global Resilience Summit – (May, 12 – 17, 2020)

  • Trauma Skills Summit (August 17-26 2020)

  • Compassionate Mind Training(CMT)(8weeks) – Kıvılcım Kıran Gen

Trainings and Conferences

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